Thursday, April 28, 2011

Commissions, and a 1920s Russian Mercenary study

* note * Comissions are now closed. This is a guy I drew 90% of a few months ago, but never finished, so he didn't make it into the sketchbook.  I finished him this morning, and colored him while my students were taking a school survey, and here he is. 

He was a study for one of a trio of expatriate White Russian mercenaries who have since been edited out of the story for Crogan's Escape.  That armband would display a Warlord's emblem, but I haven't designed it yet.


Si said...

The costume on the White Mercenary is fantastic! Sorry, I've love a commission but I don't have the spare money-power at the moment. Maybe later in the year :D

Dragon's Armory said...

Since he's white Russian it's most likely he's fighting with one of the stubborn Ataman/ Hetmans, probably Wrangel, and after he's been blown to kingdom come, he could be fighting with one of the near by cossack hosts. In nature of the war he's probably be tugged from one armored train after another.

...is there a scene with the white army with an orthodox banner? that'd be visually stunning. Until they started to kill jews...


(p.s. are there going to be Americans or Brits in your story beside the Crogans? since there was a united international intervention force straight from WWI.)

Chris Schweizer said...


Actually, it'd be post-war, and he'd be in the service of a Chinese Warlord... but you're pot on the money regarding the armored train thing. The train may still be part of the story, I'm not sure, but it's looking more and more like it's been excised, too.