Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some pencils from "Crogan's Loyalty"

Sorry for being so long absent from the blog, after I'd done a decent job of posting every day. I've been working on a paper I have to present at a conference in New York in a few days, and doing Crogan stuff, too. Here's one of the more recent, less spoiler-filled pages of late. I've mentioned before that I do my "pencils" in pen, so this is not the final art, just the underdrawing. Using pen and spotted black areas helps me nail down the compositions and hopefully make sure that even detail-filled areas like forests still have the visual clarity needed for a reader to know what's happening.

I'm still hoping to have Crogan's Loyalty entirely finished by the time school lets out this summer.  I have no idea what the release date is going to be - I think we're going to figure that out as soon as I'm done with the pencils/script (I do them together), but keep your eyes peeled.  In the meantime, the first two books have been popping up on a lot of "best books for teens" lists lately, so if you haven't checked them out yet, do (even if you're not a teen).


Eric said...

Which conference? Something down in the city?

Brian said...

Thanks for the sneak peak, Really looking forward to "Loyalty."

Odyzeus! said...

Good luck getting into snow-clogged NYC, Chris. I had to cancel my trip.

Love these "pencils." As I told you before, they have an almost Hugo Pratt feel to them. Not a bad baseline to work from!

Anonymous said...

Really nice blog Chris. I love your loose style.