Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's thumbnail for the next page I have to do. I drew it out before realizing that the first two panels actually make up one really tall panel, so I'm just gonna scrap the gutter in the middle. Yet another of these too-many-people shots. Sigh.

 I have unrealistic goals this week! I want to finish this action sequence (probably 10 pages?) AND get the opening framing sequence with the modern family done by the time I leave for San Diego, on Wednesday. Seeing as I'll lose a three days to travel this weekend (10 year reunion!), it'll be rough going, but I'm finally in my "workin' fast" groove. Liz and I have been marathonning the Harry Potter movies to prep for the new movie. Woo!


Jacob York said...

Let me know when you go see HBP. I may tag along.