Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Five "Crogan's Vengeance" Original Pages for Sale

I’ve got a few – very few – original comic pages. I like them because they show process in a way that can’t really be seen otherwise. You can see the way the ink has been laid down, tell what tools were used, see how thick the lines were made, where white-out was applied, etc. I especially like pages on which the lettering has been done; it’s one of the many reasons that I hand-letter. Having an original page of comic art in my house growing up was a big part of how I became a cartoonist.

 Original page, 11x17"

 close-up to see process! Okay, here’s the thing. I was talking to someone – I can’t remember who, but I think it was Pat Quinn – at HeroesCon about selling pages. My plan has always been to sell some eventually, but to wait until the series was well established so that I could fetch higher prices for them. But then I got to thinking – that’s kind of a jerk way to go about it. There are a number of people who have been really enthusiastic about the book from the get-go, and the only way for the series to GET well established is as a result of these folks’ enthusiasm. To deny the folks who read and liked the first book the chance to buy an original page at a ground floor price is really ungrateful on my end. Who knows? Maybe nobody wants to buy any, but I figured I should put it out there. Anyway, I’m taking the long way around to say that I’ll be selling five original pages on a first-come/first-serve basis. I want to keep it limited to one page per buyer. After those pages are gone, it’ll be a while before I sell more. I’m hoping that, come the New Year, I’ll have the store up and going, with original drawings for sale. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll have pages. If I do, they’ll be priced according to how much I like the page. That’s not the case here. This is a flat-rate “pick whatever page you like” sale. Any page you want for $100. Now I should note that there are some pages that are unavailable for a variety of reasons – there are a dozen or so that I’m hanging on to, I gave some to family, traded some with close cartoonist friends, things like that, but any of the ones not listed at the bottom of this post should be up for grabs.
Whoever sends the first payment gets the first pick, second payment second pick, etc. Put your page request in the comment section, and make sure that your e-mail address is included in your sign-in. Shipping is free to the US, rolled in a hard tube. Other countries may need a bit more, I’ll have to check. Remember, I’m only doing five right now. I’ve have ‘em mailed within a week, or, if you’re going to be at San Diego, there for you to pick up. Pages NOT available: 3, 19, 23, 33, 35, 53, 60, 62, 64, 65, 77, 92, 107, 109, 111, 113, 119, 123, 126, 127, 131, 141, 143, 149, 162, 167, 168, 171, 172, 173, 177, 182 I should also note that I’m not currently taking commissions. I’m spending the majority of my time on the book, and my extra time is for one commission which I’ve already accepted, a larger one featuring all of the Crogan family members. Once that one’s done, and the book, I’ll likely open up again. Actual news and new art to be posted next time!


Chris Schweizer said...

Page 174 is now gone. 4 left.

Pat Bollin said...

Good for you, bro. Hope the sale goes well.

Brandon Padgett said...

Got my page this morning...and it's beautiful! Can't wait to get this baby framed and up on my wall! Thanks again Chris for the opportunity to own part of such an amazing book!

- Brandon

Chris Schweizer said...

Page 68 is gone, and another has been bought but not claimed. 3 left.

Chris Schweizer said...

I mean 2.

Chris Schweizer said...

Pages 1 and 100 are gone.