Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A plea to Graphic Novel Readers, and a Sequential Tart Interview

 A panel (possibly in need of editing) from Crogan's March Hey, guys! I had a fun time at Free Comic Book Day - the guys at Heroes always put on a big show - but given as many artists as they had this year, there was some down time in terms of signing, etc, and I started thinking that maybe next year I'll do something closer to home. I'll keep you abreast of such developments! I have two things, the first being a plea. I'm giving a presentation to the Massachusetts public and school library associations on Friday, and will be making up a list of titles appropriate for specific age groups and of high quality. I already have quite a few - my top ten for each category, roughly - but I'm sure to leave stuff out, and I don't want any kids or library patrons to suffer for my lack of memory or having not read something great. So if there are any books that you think specifically appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school, can you let me know as a comment? I'm going to be printing these up on Thursday morning, probably, so anytime between now and Wednesday night I welcome your suggestions. Thanks! Also, I've got an interview up with SEQUENTIAL TART, a great comic web-journal, as part of their May issue. Check it out! Pages 1-19 are finished, with pages 20-22 lettered and tightly penciled, and ready to ink. My goal is to have the end of scene 3 (page 35ish?) done by the end of May, and be ready to crank down hard over the summer. My only distraction, as far as I know, will be Heroes Con.


Unknown said...

I'll give you a link. What I'm trying to do, as I write about great comics for kids on my blog is to "label" these posts, so that eventually all I'll have to do is say, "Click this:


I'm sure I've left a lot out, including possibly yours, but hopefully over time will rectify that.

Chris Schweizer said...

Thanks, Andy! That helps a lot.
I also got your package yesterday, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet (preparing for the conference, mostly). Thanks!

Jacob York said...

Flat out, Mini-Marvels is the most fun I've had reading a comic in a very, very long time. Plus, it's appropriate for all ages and collected into convenient digest copies.

Ender13 said...

I would recommend Midnight Nation for high school age and up. I wouldn't call it Earth shattering, but I really enjoyed the read.

NolanWoodard said...

Post this stuff up on the Temple, yo!

Ben Towle said...

Can you post what you've already got on your book list for the various age groups? Then folks could just point out anything they think is not included but that should be...

Unknown said...

Cool! I sent you a longer list by email. I keep thinking of other things, and it gets longer and longer.

Sean McGowan said...

Most of Doug TenNapel's books would be good.

Elementary/Middle School:
- Tommysaurus Rex
- Flink

High School:
- Creature Tech
- Gear
- Earthboy Jacobus
- Iron West
- Monster Zoo

And In case they aren't already on there, I would suggest "Amulet" by Kazu Kibuishi for the elementary school age and "North World" by Lars Brown for the middle/high school age.

Dan said...

I was too slow to offer anything in terms of graphic novel suggestions, but I did want to drop in and thank you again for the piece you did for me at FCBD and give a link for it as well as the piece you did for me when last we met. Here is the latest piece and here is it's companion piece from last time. I also really appreciate the piece you did that my wife requested for our 6yo daughter Caroline which can be seen here . For anyone looking at these, please note that the two Chris did for us this year are both the same size, but I absent mindedly blew up one and not the other. Thanks again and keep up the good work on Crogan's March!