Friday, May 22, 2009


This week was lots of fun - Mike and Matt Chapman, who do Homestar Runner, came by to talk with one of my animation classes (and the numerous folks that took the opportunity to sit in). Also, I've been invited to do a few events coming up - a Writer's Workshop, two panels at the Decatur Book Festival, and as a panelist (or maybe lecturer?) at the International Reading Association conference in Chicago. I know that I need to start updating the site more regularly with dates and appearances and whatnot... I'll get to it soon, I hope. Heroes Con is coming up in a couple of weeks, and they always have a great program full of pinups done by guest artists. I figured I'd try a couple, but they've got some of the best folk in the industry contributing, so it's unlikely they'll make it in. That being a strong possibility, I figured I'd put 'em up here, so that they aren't in a vacuum. The first one I did was a response to Shawn's insistence that I should do one of my own things. I felt that to be a little egocentric for a con program, but since Jeff Smith is a featured artist this time around, I thought that maybe I could throw one of mine in with one of his.

 And here's the safety - a superhero. Again, Marvel has laid down another decree to their artists that bugs the heck out of me, this one being that Wolverine should be tall and well-proportioned/attractive. Boo, hiss! Wolverine is fun because of his tiny ferocity. His name isn't "bear," or "jaguar," it's "Wolverine"! Wolverines! Tiny ferocious creatures famous for taking on opponents much larger than themselves! Sigh.

 Though I sent the original as a black and white, I figured I'd throw a color since this one's going online. One week of school left, and then I'm hitting the drawing board full time over the summer. I've got less than 2 months to do about a hundred and forty pages, so wish me luck! Seeing as I'll be waking up, drawing until I can't stay awake, and then sleeping and starting the process over, it seems somehow possible, though quite daunting. I may not be able to do it, but I'm sure gonna try.


NolanWoodard said...

The info about Homestar Runner would be a great Temple post!

Brandon Padgett said...

Both are great pinups, but I prefer the first one. May have something to do with being burned out on all things Wolverine. But you're right...a Wolverine drawing will turn heads, especially this summer!