Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mini-Comic Assembly Dinner!

2 things -

firstly, I'm past the 100 page mark on Crogan's. Considering it's taken me nearly a year to get to this point, you might think it ridiculous that I plan to complete the last forty pages in thirty-nine days... but then, nuts to you!

Secondly, Allen Spetnagel came over on Thursday and we spent the evening assembling mini-comics!

Allen's going to be premiering Haywire #2 at Fluke in a couple of weeks. It contains two stories done for anthologies: the story that he did for Elfworld #2, and his contribution to the Fletcher Hanks anthology.

Fluke is a mini-comics show in Athens, Georgia (about an hour and a half from Atlanta. It's great fun.

Liz and Allen spent most of the evening assembling minis. Liz put together a bunch of Shoot the Moons, of which I'd run out, as well as some more Goodbye Beards. We watched Frank and Ollie, a wonderful documentary about two of the most influential animators ever. I'd seen it, but it's worth multiple watchings.

Liz with Ol' Longtooth, our trusty big stapler. She got a right purty haircut recently. Liz, not ol' Longtooth.

In the amount of time that Allen made fifty and Liz made 100, I made one - ONE - finished copy of Giovanni Potatoe. Bear in mind it's four perfect-bound books with a slipcover, though Liz had already cut the pages for me, with lots of scoring and glueing and cutting involved. Anyone concerned with the $13 price tag, know that you're getting something whose assembly is well below minimum wage, discounting entirely the amount of time it took to draw it. After this run is through, I'm going to rethink the format. Whew!


Cara M said...

I totally didn't even recognize Liz until you said something. I was like "Who's the new girl???"
Tell her that haircut is super cute though!
(I'm a girl, I feel as though I must comment on such things)

duncan said...

I'd like to claim one of your Giovanni Potatoe's before anyone else does. I'll be seeing you in Athens I figure!