Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well! I've been absent for a little while because I've been working to set up THE CROGAN ADVENTURES website!

It's got a lot of features, including:

• The chance to read ALL of Crogan's March for FREE for the next month
• Paper Figure sets (14 characters available so far) that you can print out and assemble
• A teaching guide for the new book
• An UPDATED appearances page
• Links to interviews (both print and audio/video)

and more! Go and check it out. Bookmark it! I'll still be using the curiousoldlibrary blog to post non-Crogan-related art, but will be shifting a lot of my attention to the new site. Hope you like it!


Alex Bodnar said...

Hi Chris! I just happened upon your sketchbook and was sold by the cool sketch included in the first page and your insightful introduction. I now wish I lived in Atlanta while pursuing an art degree. Didn't know options like comic books were available as majors. Anyway, being a high school art teacher myself I've found myself scraping together comic book how-to's from books by McCloud, Kibuishi, and a few others. Given that Scad-Atlanta has such an esteemed reputation do you think you could find the time to email me your comics syllabi to get an idea how you introduce such topics and in what sequences. I haven't seen such impressive work from America. I actually thought your book was French. (taurine75@me.com)