Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Note to Art Collectors / CROGAN Fans

I know that there are some people who want to collect one page from every Crogan story published. Well, I’m going to be doing a story for the Graphic Textbook, a collection of comics that teachers will be able to use to tie the stories into the national core curriculums for a number of disciplines.

Mine is going to be called THE BLACK BRIGADE, and will feature Charles Crogan and his interactions with a veteran 24-man commando unit during the revolution war comprised of Black Loyalists, most if not all of whom were escaped slaves. The story will take place during a battle, and will, I hope, carry the same mix of action and historical feel that defines the other stories in the series. It will also get comics into schools and into the hands of kids, helping to ensure a new generation of readers and fans, a necessity to the future of the industry.

Now, if you are of a mind to collect a page from each story, as I know some are, I highly recommend that you contribute to the project’s KICKSTARTER campaign. A lot of money has to be raised – 65,000 – for the sheer volume of copies being printed and to pay us artists a fair page rate. Getting this page rate means that I don’t have to sell the originals to make the whole project financially feasible; I can donate the pages to make the project happen. I am donating six of the ten. The other four will NOT be for sale, at least not in the next few years. When I’m old, who knows. But for the foreseeable future, these six pages will be it.

For $125 dollars – just $25 more than I’ve BEEN charging for pages – you get one of these pages, and a copy of the book (plus a digital copy). It’s a great way of helping a worthwhile project, and a way of getting a new Crogan story that will OTHERWISE NOT EXIST. So. Six pages available. Actually, five – one’s been secured already.

Please follow the link below if you’re interested. I’ll even send you a small sketch sized to be put in the textbook when you get it.
  You can find out all about the project, and make donations at different levels with different incentives, here.
Below are some costume and character designs for the story.  Enjoy!