Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sketchbook Now Available for Online Orders!

As promised I'm making the sketchbook available online!  And since everyone is so used to Amazon's free shipping, I'd hate to bring on a case of the grumps by not doing the same.  The following options are available: • Regular price: $20.  I will include a sketch of one character or object in the front of each book. • Crogan Adventure Society price: $10.  One of the perks of being a Crogan Adventure Society agent!  This offer only applies to agents who got their memberships before April of 2011.  But future discounts will apply to future agents, so find out more about the C.A.S. here.  I will include a sketch of a character or object in the front of each book. • Retailer Price: $10.  A fifty percent discount for brick-and-mortar comic and book store retailers.  Please send me store info for validation.  All books must be shipped to the store. • International Orders: $25.  In order to cover additional shipping costs, international orders require an additional $5.  I will include a sketch of a character or object in the front of each book.
To order, select from the following:
Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.  It takes a little while to do the sketches, and sometimes I'm out of town.  Thanks for the order!


Anonymous said...

Book looks great ! Definitely ordering one when I get paid Friday. J.T. (Agent 037)

Craig Zablo said...

It was a pleasure meeting you. I really love the sketchbook and the Cop Land sketch.

I highly recommend the sketchbook & sketch deal to everyone!!

Lajarín said...

Hi! I am a spanish fan of you. I've just bought your sketchbook. Your work is amazing, I like very much the way you use the ink...

Anonymous said...

this is by far the best sketchbook i've ever read (informative, raw, insightful) - plus i have an amazing custom sketch up front - if you are on the fence at all, order this book at once. its just great to look at.

escorial said...

Just received the book that my wife bought me for fathers day. I love the sketches (I can't agree more with your ideas on what a sketchbook should be). I love your notes, they are a great vision on how much research and care goes behind the characters and stories. I believe all that research eventually; if not directly visible, still translates in the story itself.
To be hones, I hadn't purchased any of your graphic novels before, but this sketchbook made me become a fan. I'll be getting all of them if possible.
Great work and inspiration.