Tuesday, June 22, 2010

JAM! Out tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the release of JAM! Tales from the World of Roller Derby. This is an antholgoy of stories written by Derby Girls and adapted by Comic Artists, and it's important to me because no less than four of my students have work in it.  Jackie Lewis (who is currently doing the art for a book called Play Ball, out sometime next year), Cara McGee (doing the art for a book called Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice, also out next year), Erin Gladstone, and Falynn Koch all have art in this book, and for some of them it's their first professional publication.  I couldn't be prouder of them, and couldn't be happier that editor Jill Beaton recognized their talent and gave them an opportunity to showcase it.  These girls did a fantastic job, as usual, and it behooves you to swing by your local comic shop tomorrow and demand a copy, because YOU should know how awesome they are, too.  Also, Jeremy Sorese has a story, too.  He's not a student of mine, but he's a recent SCAD-Savannah grad, a great artist, and a swell fella. I've got a pin-up in there, as well - a rare chance to see my stuff in color in print, seeing as I'm such a B&W snob:

 I should also note that, while never having played Roller Derby (I am a fella, after all) there was a period in college where, for about 4 months, I only took off my skates to shower and, most of the time, to sleep.  Everywhere else - class, the cafeteria, Wal-Mart, the movies - I wore 'em.  I've also been in two fights that I can vividly remember while wearing skates (and there may have been more than that - I did grow up in Kentucky - but two are all I REMEMBER remember), so I feel a special kinship with those lades who don skates and dole out bruises.


Chad! said...

seeing as how I can't fathom the chris I know getting into fights(on skates no less) these are stories I need to hear the next time we talk!

usagigoya said...

Pretty neat sounding book, and I like your drawing! Just curious, but The Goon creator Eric Powell has a close connection with the Nashville roller derby scene, so I was wondering if he might have contributed to Jam!

Chris Schweizer said...

He did! I haven't seen his story yet (for all my touting, I've been holed up working all week and didn't get to a shop), but he definitely has one in there.

Is he in Nashville? I didn't know that. I thought the only Nashville comic guy anymore was Jason Horn, since Dean Trippe and Chad Thomas moved.