Sunday, October 25, 2009

Main story finished, framing sequence getting there...

I've been internet absentia for a while now, for pretty good reason - I've been trying extremely hard to finish Crogan's March by the end of October, because
1.That's the latest it can go to press and still hit shelves by year's end,
2. We're closing on a house on the 30th, and
3. My daughter is due to be born the following Wednesday, and I won't be much inclined to hole up in the studio once that happens.

So the next week is likely to be one of the more overwhelming, so I've been teaching, prepping lessons and grading, and then using every spare second (there are so few these days) to try and knock this out. The "story" part - the section in the middle, focusing on the Legionnaire - was expected to clock in around 144 pages, but it grew to 199. As of yesterday, those 199 are finished. I am inking the opening framing sequence today (six pages), before and after our Comics Art Forum (more on that later), and I'll be doing the last three pages tomorrow, though I've still got some dialogue editing to do before penciling those.

Once these are done, I have to go in and fix the numerous bolds in the first third of the book - I changed how I started making them, and need to go back and retroactively change the earlier versions - as well as a few artistic changes throughout. Nothing monumental, though - I feel confident I can finish in time.

Once the book is done, I'll have more time to update this blog - I've got a number of news things to post.

Above: A panel from near the end.


Unknown said...

Awesome! Congrats on the end being in sight, and on the birth of your daughter. You know, I thought your wife looked like she was expecting in the drawing you made of her meeting Sergio. But you know, you have to be hesitant to say anything, because you only have to be wrong one time....