Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching Up - The Book is Done!

Okay. I need to apologize for not updating more. My excuse is that... well... it had been a long time since I'd updated. It's like when I kept a journal. I kept it every day for a year or so, and then had a one-month stretch where I didn't write, and I never picked it up again. Too much time passed, too much to fill in!

So here's the short rundown version of the last month or so:

• The Book
Crogan's Vengeance is DONE. It clocked in at 177 pages, and I finished on the 10th. The book itself will be 189, and is coming out at SPX this year. It'll be hitting shelves nationwide on October 7th, I think.

• James comes to town
James Lucas Jones, my editor (Oni Press's editor-in-chief) came to Atlanta, and I passed off a finished draft to him. He's been pricing the books, and it sounds like they're going to be REALLY cool, in that classic kid's library edition aesthetic. Hardcover, with a gold leaf/foil title. Samples:

• The Barbecue

Shawn Crystal hosted a dinner for James and his minions - Atlanta folk who work for/with Oni (Hunter Clark, who's doing the art for the much-hyped Return of King Doug; Justin Wagner, who's doing the art for CBLDF director Greg Thompson's Lonesome Town; Me; Doug Dabbs, who's doing the art for some Resurrection specials coming up; and our spouses, Liz and Nicole), with SCAD honcho Pat Quinn and his wife Pilar there as well. We had chicken sausage (delicious) and strips of some sort of bourbon-marinated steak. I'm either not a steak man at all OR I'm the biggest steak snob in the world - I've had three steaks in the past ten years that I thought were good, and I LOVED those, but everything else was just hefty meat. The stuff at the barbecue was one of those three, and topped with a homemade guacamole. Mmmm!

• Free Comic Book Day

Shawn and I drove up to Charlotte, North Carolina where we were honored to be a part of the FCBD celebrations at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. I did about thirty to forty sketches, for folks of all different age ranges.

I did a lot of Iron Man, quite a few Narutos, and more than one Batman... here's one of 'em!

• The Interview
Adam from The Dollar Bin interviewed me about Crogan's Vengeance and working with Oni as FCBD was wrapping up. Listen to it HERE.

• Editor's Day
We went down to Savannah for SCAD's annual Editor's Day. Me, Shawn, James, and Cara McGee made the trek, talking about Oni and Scad and the state of the industry and whatnot. And editor's day went really well - I always love seeing the Savannah folk, plus those editors with whom I'm already aquainted. And the whole thing really climaxed with...

• Karaoke!

I sang a duet of the Queen/David Bowie classic "Under Pressure" with Kevin Burkhalter, and it was, without question, the best Karaoke moment of my life. I did the Freddy Mercury part! Subsequently, I made into not one, but TWO Burkhalter Journal Comics this week! Liz reads Kevin's comics, so anytime I'm in them she treats me like a star.

• Ummmm...

That's it, for the most part. I think. I'm a week away from finishing the last class of my MFA program, and am starting to buckle down on my thesis...


Alec Longstreth said...

Congrats on finishing the book Chris! I can't wait to see it at SPX! That will be so exciting. Sounds like you have been super busy. I'm sure we'll be talking soon about your thesis, etc. but until then, good luck with all you have going on!

Anonymous said...

So, with the book coming out on october 7th. Does that mean I'm getting a signed copy for my wedding (October 11th)?

Chris Schweizer said...

Wedding?! Wedding!!! Congratulations, my friend! And yes, it does.

Cara M said...

Dammit, just TRY to stop me from coming to Karaoke next year! I need to be more social!! *determined fist shaking*
Also, man those books are going to be gorgeous~ I didn't even mean to read that whole copy, but seriously, once I started, I didn't want to put it down! I cant wait to buy my own X)

Dan said...

Hey Chris, that's great news on the book. I'm going to talk to my comic dealer about it so that we can get it on order as soon as it becomes available.


Since you mentioned Free Comic Book Day at Heroes, here's the piece you did for me of the Crypt Keeper eating cereal.You were working on it while being interviewed by some students for a project they were working on. Do you know if they every posted the video anywhere? BTW,If anyone is wondering why someone would ask for the Crypt Keeper eating cereal, it's part of a collection that you can see here:

Anyway, glad to hear about the book, thanks again for the great art, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again at Heroescon (where I may bug you about doing the Old Witch and/or Vault Keeper - I promise I'll bring references this time!).
Take care,

Chris Schweizer said...

Thanks for posting that pic, Dan! I'll be happy to do sketches at HeroesCon... and I'm looking forward to pouring through the cereal gallery!