Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy Weekend, what, with MLKjr Day and all

What a weekend! While I was EXTREMELY ill and unable to do much of anything on Friday (bacterial throat infection, had to go to the urgent care clinic!) and was more or less incapacitated, I nonetheless had a three-day stretch of heretofore unexpected productivity! Well, not entirely unprecedented, but better than my average!

I was able to tightly thumbnail, pencil, ink, etc seven full pages of Crogan's Vengeance. Seven pages! I'm very pleased with how they've turned out, both artistically AND narratively. As I'm sure happens with most early books, there's a huge discrepancy between the quality of the first pages compared to that of the later pages - with luck this'll be more noticeable to me than others.

Here are a few random panels to tide y'all over. I also want to preemptively defend my use of the word "y'all," because A. I'm from Kentucky and B. the English language has no pronoun for second-person plural, and it should. Just like "ain't" is grammatically awesome 'cause it fills the conjunction void that "am not" creates. Anyway, panels!

I'm also working on an illustration for a Captain Morgan's/St. Patrick's Day shirt... Isn't done yet, but here's the start:

I'm also a HUGE Arthurian legend/lit buff. I had the good fortune to be in England while studying medieval lit under Murray State's best humanities professor, Warren Edminster, and that only strengthened my interest - I had a chance to visit Glastonbury, Rosslyn cathedral (this was, of course, before the DaVinci Code was published, 'cause now I wouldn't deign to step near the place... sad, huh?), etc, but I haven't read much on it lately.

My first SCAD event - a scholarship dinner - was marked by sitting with Dr. Teresa Griffis, and it happened to come up that she had done her academic work on Arthurian Legend. I've subsequently hoped that she'd do a lecture or something of that sort, and she is. I'm working on the poster/flyer for it. This was my thumbnail:

And here's the in-progress poster, done yesterday and today (there's still a lot of hand-typography to do):

If you're in Atlanta, and have even a passing interest in King Arthur, you should make your way out. The poster... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I may have gotten too detailed with the armor, and my friend Allen thinks it has a sort of Prince Valiant feel to it, which concerns me 'cause I'm no fan of the Prince Valiant aesthetic. Ah, I'll likely get used to it.

Speaking of Allen, here's a picture I sketched:

Allan is a grad student at SCAD-Atlanta, and his cartooning prowess is growing exponentially. He'll be at Fluke this year, so everyone who is going make sure to pick up his stuff. He'll have a website soon, and when he does, I'll put it in these links to the right of this post.


NolanWoodard said...

I commented to Shawn that you and Allan both recently look like grown up orphans from the lower east end of London.

And that Capt. Morgan poster is freakin' great. I hope it sees use!

Lindy said...

i want a captain morgan's/ st.patty's day shirt! :)

Dusty said...

I think the armor looks great. I only wish my Loricca looked that good!

Anonymous said...

As your mother, I should probably be horrified that you look like an orphan, but I found it most amusing! Mom

Cara M said...

Okay, now I feel a little less geeky for looking forward to that Aruthurian Lecture *lol*

Also, yes, you look like an orphan. Poor Liz. ;_;

Wook Jin Clark said...

chris, there's nothing wrong with saying "y'all". let the southerner come out!! pages look good too!!