This set of 8 paper figures makes an excellent addition to the collection of any Sherlock Holmes fan, whether one intends to display them on a bookshelf or reenact the great detective's exploits on the floor of the family play-room.

The figure set, professionally printed on a nice, heavy recycled matte card stock and packaged handsomely by my wife Liz, who did all the folding, stuffing, etc (see below), is available for $11.  Shipping is free on this item, TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  Unless there's like some sort of post office in Antarctica and it costs seventy bucks to ship a letter there, or something, but that's a bridge we'll cross should we come to it.

Also, I'm a HUGE fan of the wonderfully done BBC Sherlock series (which is available both on DVD and on Netflix Instant), and I couldn't resist making a complimentary Sherlock and John figure.  Now, before any of the rabid Sherlock fans ask, no, I'm not selling this one.  Sorry.  I don't want to incur the wrath of the BBC (which I love) nor do I want to make money off of their property.  But I do want to make it available if anyone who gets the 8-figure set happens to be a fan.  So I've included two "buy it now" buttons, same price - one is for just the figure set, the other is for the set plus the extra figure which I based on the likenesses of Cumberbatch and Freeman.  Be sure to check the latter if you want the extra figure, and if you don't, please check the former.  I didn't make nearly as many of the BBC ones, and want to make sure that those who want 'em do, in fact, get 'em.  If this figure somehow inspires a fence-sitter to watch the show, hooray!



As of now, the only book being offered through the website is the sketchbook.  Should you wish to buy any of the Crogan Adventures, I ask that you please do it through your local comic or bookshop, or through one of the internet's many online book retailers.

SHIPPING IS FREE.  Please read below to ensure that you pick the payment option that fits your situation.

• Regular Price: $20.  I will include a sketch of one character or object in the front of each book.

Crogan Adventure Society price: $10.  One of the perks of being a Crogan Adventure Society agent!  This offer only applies to agents who got their memberships before April of 2011.  But future discounts will apply to future agents, so find out more about the C.A.S. here.  I will include a sketch of a character or object in the front of each book.

Retailer Price: $10.  A fifty percent discount for brick-and-mortar comic and book store retailers.  Please send me store info for validation.  All books must be shipped to the store.

International Orders: $25.  In order to cover additional shipping costs, international orders require an additional $5.  I will include a sketch of a character or object in the front of each book.

To order, select from the following:

Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.  It takes a little while to do the sketches, and sometimes I'm out of town.  Thanks for the order!